6 FL State Golds: Piece ‘O Carrot Cake!

You may have noticed I took a brief hiatus since December. Without wasting a bit more of negative energy, only because I feel I owe you, my loyal followers, an explanation, let's just say my web designer went awol. After I blogged about the delicious (not) food I took pictures of during my husband's one-month stay at the hospital, the site, overwhelmed, crashed.

IMG_5221My former web guru said he was not aware that any of his book author clients had "bandwidth limits," and apparently, my site exceeded the limits. He told me he was getting out of the biz to make more money, and I was on my own. 

It has taken this long to find an excellent replacement and get all the former website stuff transferred. The previous guy was really married to Expression Engine to increase SEO and integrate all of my stuff...the blog, newsletter, social media etc. But it was a pain in the cahooty for me, and any guest blogger I invited, to produce and post a blog.

Any who...water under the bridge. This blog is now in WordPress, and I'm hoping that all my SEOs and rankings haven't fallen by the wayside. I'm a writer, and while more tech savvy than many my age, it's not what I do or want to do. That I have 36,000 fans on one of the 7 Facebook pages I admin is something I've been proud to have accomplished.

IMG_5233The biggest event I didn't get to blog about in December was my walking away with 6 gold medals (1st place) in the women's 60-64 age group at the Florida State Senior Games. I was really excited about this because the games only happen every 2 years.

When I competed 2 years ago at the state games, I only got 3rd in 3 events and 4th in another. But this year, I placed first in the 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 meters. That will qualify me to go to Nationals again next summer in Minneapolis. 

When the day ended, there was nothing to eat. But a cool friend I’ve never met on Facebook, Sommer Fields, told me her husband would be competing at the games. He brought a veritable feast that we enjoyed on the hood of my “veganmobile.”

I don’t know if I’ll go. It will probably cost close to $3000 again, even staying in a dorm as I did in 2013. You have to stay almost a week since the events are outdoors and rain days are calculated into the time. Yet I feel it is important to show that vegans get enough protein and energy to do these kinds of athletic events. I’ve started a GoFundMe campaign, “Send the Vegan to Nationals.” http://www.gofundme.com/vegan2nationals.

I’m grateful to those who have supported this, but I know how many other great causes there are to support. Unless I get significant funding, I just don’t see myself doing Nationals again when it costs $100 to enter 2 half marathons locally. I will refund any money people who have donated if I don’t go.

Whether at local or national races, I usually wear that same bright yellow moisture-wicking tank with my book cover and Vegcoach.com running carrot logo my daughter drew for me more than a decade ago. It always catches attention and engages people.

I found out late in life that I am a much better sprinter than long distance or endurance runner. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t do a 5K faster than 27 minutes, or why, for the first mile of a race, I could stay way ahead of those in my age group who would eventually beat me. Aside from going out fast, which many of us do, the sprint genes (fast twitch versus endurance/slow twitch genes) uncontrollably take over. I remember reading about a study that says eating fast is genetic too. So there you go. Mom used to rag on Dad and me, “You think somebody’s gonna take that food away from you?” Apparently deep in our genetic past, it must have happened. 😉

IMG_5224At the National Senior Games I went to after qualifying 2 years ago, I got 7th in the 1500 meters, 10th in the 400, 16th in the 200, 19th in the 100 meters. I believe I did as well as I did in the 1500 meters because it was on day 3 when meat-eaters I heard checking in at the registration table were dropping out because they were too sore or too tired after competing in the other events, as I did, on the first two days. It’s long been my belief as other vegan athletes have written, that we recover faster and sustain fewer injuries from an alkaline diet that by design, creates little, if any inflammation.

Recently, I heard a coach I know who competes and often places in the masters age group (40-49) in marathons complain that she rarely does 5K races because they hurt too much. It gave new perspective and credence to my belief also that sprinting can be more difficult and injury-producing than the endurance races. I’ve found that to be the case as I continue to push the envelope and do everything from the 50 meters to a marathon. It’s all good. And terrific fun! But a fragile gift that can be taken away at anytime.

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