Personal Training/Coaching

Ellen is a visual testimonial and inspiration for the power of a vegan diet and sensible exercise. Heavily booked as a personal trainer during the Florida winter tourist season, her client workouts meet the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America accepted standards. Workouts go beyond certifications becoming custom-designed to meet every individual client’s needs. Ellen’s running awards and her skills in listening and observing that garnered her two Emmys and more in television, transfer well listening to clients’ stated goals.

Ellen offers a variety of training & coaching options to fit your budget and availability. If you are interested in in-person training, please get in touch. If a virtual training works better for you, choose from one of the options below.

She does the workout with you!


1-Hour Virtual Training Session

This package includes a 1-hour Skype training sessions and follow-up emails for a week. Price: $90

30-Minute Virtual Training Session

This package includes a 30 minute training session via Skype. Price: $45

Email Training

This package includes unlimited training and running advice and coaching via email for one week. Price: $45

Follow-up Email Sessions

Follow-up sessions are available for $30 per week and includes 3 sessions.

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