Ellen is a dynamic, motivational speaker. In the short time since her first book has come out, she has been a headline speaker at most of the largest vegetarian festivals in the US and Canada getting rave reviews on social media and in the press. She is a frequent and popular radio show and television guest. ¬†With 18 years in television and then as a media consultant for some of the leaders, professionals, authors and doctors who are now sought-after spokespeople about a plant-based diet, Ellen has come into her own with her death-defying and audience-riveting story. Either as a genetic freak or doing something right the past 30 years, Ellen’s audiences (as well as her doctors) want to know what she is “on” and how to get it. ¬†Ellen’s message has been described as “Unique, powerful, high-energy and crucial to hear in a world growing farther apart by income disparities, massive health catastrophes ending in bankruptcies for many, the ravages of factory farming and well-documented animal abuses.”

Speaking topics include:

  • Eat Vegan on $4 a Day
  • Eat Vegan, Stay Fit on $4 a Day
  • Eat Well, Stay Fit on a Food Stamp Budget
  • Beat and Defy Your Genes
  • Plants Enhance-Everything You Wanted to Know about Excelling Athletically “Just” on Plants
  • From Couch Slug to National Athlete-You Can Do This Too!
  • Divided Kitchens: Coping with Those Who Don’t Eat The Way You Do
  • Raising Children to Cook Beyond the Microwave
  • Connecting the Dots: How Eating Vegan Saves Lives, Animals and the Planet
  • Choose from a variety of Ellen’s Food Demos from the best of the national VegFests and fitness events
  • Exercise Demos to Prevent Injury and Enhance Athletic Performance

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask Ellen. She’s probably has a slide show/demo for it!

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